Monday, October 31, 2011

Something New: Week #4

Last week was Week # 4 of my Something New- ness. What did I pick? A couple of weeks ago I mentioned having seen the new Movie The Big Year. I really liked it. It's about birding. Birdwatching. Ornithological capers.

I think know I have always watched birds. In the air, on the ground, on the water, wherever. But I have never taken the time to write down a list of "seen" birds. So, here's this weekend's beginning list:

  • duck(s): Indian Runner
  • peacock(s): Black-shouldered
  • cattle egret
  • sparrow
  • hawk (with over 250 species included in the hawk family, I can only tell you it was not a red-tailed hawk.) This one was swooping onto a fieldmouse.
  • pigeon
  • cardinal
  • crow
  • turkey
  • mourning dove
  • killdeer
  • blue jay
  • downy or hairy woodpecker:

And I have already noted a date in April for hunting (with camera) for the rare sighting of whooping cranes only just down the road from us. No kidding!

I am excited.


Gill said...

What's your most favorite bird? After cataloging those hundreds of birds at the natural history museum last semester, I've decided I like kingfishers and ptarmigans the best.

twebsterarmstrong said...
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twebsterarmstrong said...

I think that since I live in the Northern Hemisphere and will not likely see a Lyre Bird in our woods....I would have to say that my current favorite would be our own peacock. I love peacocks.

Now: Should I spy the rare whooping crane, sighted only a couple of miles down our road, then that might possibly be my favorite.

I think I lean towards large colorful birds, but I also love hummingbirds.

Love my perennial visitors!

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