Friday, November 27, 2009

Leave it to Beaver

Beavers are big, nocturnal, semi-aquatic rodents. Maybe the second-biggest rodent in the world. I find them quite cute, despite the fact that they wreak havoc on creeks, rivers, and, as it seems this fall, landscaping.

It appears that beavers have a particular taste for aspen trees.

No other trees on either side of the creek were felled by these furry little fellows, just the aspen. Which are no longer quaking, as you might guess.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Evening's Walk

This evening's walk brought forth some bunnies in the fields, two girls walking their goats, and a toothless man looking for a deer.

Now, where do I live?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Bear

My Bear

It's taken me a week to post this, written last Friday.

Well, Paul & I buried one of the World's Best Dogs tonight. Bear died this afternoon, very suddenly and just the way I had hoped. And the way we all would like to exit this life.

I walked down the road after lunch to go to a bull sale. Bear walked to the gate with me, and I told him "Stay" (even though he was deaf!), and went on down the road. I got back at 1:30, he was there to greet me. I walked in to do BioWorks on the computer, and half an hour later I heard him on the front porch - he was yip-yip-yipping and it sounded just like a coyote out on our porch. I walked out, and just knew. I pet him, and he died about 60 seconds later. Amazing.

We had a great "last week" together, walking each morning and each evening around our pasture. Yesterday I spent an hour grooming both dogs, and he looked particularly handsome for a 14-yr old Bouvier.

Graham was starting his Kindergarten year, in the fall, when we got Bear. Graham is a freshman in college now. (See my post: A Boy and His Dog, 28 Aug.) It was difficult to call our three kids, all in college, and tell them that their childhood pet had died.

And this is a sand in my hourglass.

~ T.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's review:

It's its: It is its title.

It's its: It is its food.

It's its: It is its house.

It's its: It is its entirety.

It's its: It is its end.


Monday, November 02, 2009

Rain is Forecast:

This afternoon a dog, a cat, and I went for a walk in the rain. And this is what we saw:

A Spectrum: Ends of a Rainbow:

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