Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Thanksgiving Day: A Small Duet

Thanksgiving for us this year was a new(er) experience, but not unique.

Here was our table setting:
 Say!  This is what our Thanksgiving table setting looked like approximately 32 years ago!  Just the two of us.

With our three kids and their kith in other places, it was just the two of us for Thanksgiving.  Yes, I did roast a turkey.  Yes, I hauled out the Wedgewood and sterling.  Yes, we did sit down and say our prayer and use our napkins and smile across the table at each other.

It certainly was a change from the Thanksgiving holidays we have celebrated in the past many years.  We played Chess right through dinner.  When I saw that I might be losing at Chess,  I began playing a tune on the rim of the Baccarat, in hopes that it might distract that Spouse o' Mine from his possible "checkmate".

I lost, despite my tunes.

We laughed and talked.  We ate and then moved on with our "indoor day" of rain-rain-rain.

What was nice about our Thanksgiving, was that we enjoyed each other again, just as it was, 30-something years ago, when it was indeed, "just us".

A re-acquainting of just the two of us.    

Thanksgiving Fun, Kansas Style


I wrote some haikus:

Three inches of rain
Cold and a north wind blowing;
Who else likes haiku?

Rain rain rainy-rain
I burned Thanksgiving muesli
And I lost in chess.

Rain rain rainy-rain
Thanksgiving meal was awesome
And we're all tucked in.

Rain rain rainy-rain
Tomorrow we can go skate!
Hope springs eternal
* * * I love haikus.* * *    

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