Thursday, June 29, 2017

June. June?!

I am already partway through summer.  This is a good thing.  Rural summer things:

I came home from an extended stay out of town.  That Spouse o' Mine has also been away.  It appears that we have been having Coon Parties in our yard in our absence.  Lots and lots of coon scat on the lawn.  So, I called neighbor Joe and borrowed his live trap.  Last night, I brought our two cats in, and set the trap out by my grotto pond.  I peered out the window t 9:00 pm, and... I had trapped an animal!!
   This was an angry, semi-wild cat.  I immediately let him go, reminding him that even HE has a job description in this neck of the woods, and that is to keep the rodent and bunny population down.

I re-set the trap, and later in the evening, I looked out and WHOA!!  I got me a coon!  No photo of it.  And, it had to wait till dawn to be released many miles down the road.  In the morning I threw a blanket over the cage, gently carried it out to my car, and drove several miles in the pouring rain and lightning, and set the little coon free, right by a new little creek and lots and lots of woods. Be happy, little fella.

This is interesting:
It looks like maybe a sparrow overtook a bluebird nest out in our pine trees.  Sad for the bluebird mother.  I am eager to see what transpires in the weeks to come.

Another "Nature's Way" moment from this morning happened out by our front gate, high in the treetop. I saw some very agitated robins flitting on the tree limbs.  I knew there was a nest near there somewhere, because earlier in the morning I saw a robin with a worm in her mouth, waiting for me to go by before she headed to the hidden nest.  But this behavior by several robins made me curious.  What was going on?  I looked high in the tree, and I saw a baby bird lying on its back on a tree limb.  It was way too young to be flying - it was barely covered in feathers.  I walked around the tree to get a another look at a better angle.  But...then I saw no baby bird.  Only a big ol' thick snake.  The snake was eating the baby robins in the nest.  Poor momma robin.

Nature's Way is pretty tough. Not for the timid and faint-hearted, to be sure.

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