Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I have been counting my blessings today.  For no particular reason, but it just seems like a worthy exercise in mental health to periodically be thankful for whatever it is that is going well in one's life.

Let's see...

I ran this morning.  I can't tell you how far or how fast.  It was in the semi-dark time just before sunrise, around our pasture, (5 times, but that tells us nothing), dodging a giant Bloodhound and a dark-on-dark Bouvier.

I went to a women's Bible study this morning.  It's been a LONG time since I have attended any Bible study, and I think this one is not a match, but nevertheless, I am giving a thumbs-up for having the opportunity to see about it.  And I have told myself I will give it another two weeks...

Back-to-school, back-to-cello!  I took two months off from cello lessons this summer - the first break I have taken in the three years of cello-dom.  I returned to lessons this afternoon, even though I STILL have a gimpy hand (my bow hand) from that ridiculous incident involving the car door and my hand.  But!  It is healing, still.

I have a job.  That's where I should end the Counting, right?  I have a job.  I have had this job for ten years.  It's a home-based business that was bequeathed to me by my scientist husband.  I have never REALLY wanted to have said job, but I work at said job and said job works for us.  What does this mean?  I looked back today at finances and taxes and things I HATE to look at, (and this, after that Spouse o' Mine lamented a few weeks ago:where is that money going?!"), and I see that without my job, our kids probably would not have afforded college without incurring those ridiculous debts one hears about in the news. An investment, I say.

The College Boy came home from his summer job/internship and that is a blessing.  A) My Boy has been home this summer.  B) He has a great job. 

That Spouse o' Mine also came home this afternoon, and promptly jumped on his bike to go enjoy a group ride with other cyclists.  I am happy that he is happy and healthy and has healthy friends.

All-in-all, a good day. 

Oh! One more blessing!  An air conditioner.

For this ridiculously hot, humid, awful weather.

Thanks be to God.

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