Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Branches of Our Tree

The car pulled into our gravel drive. Its occupants were a great-grandmother, her granddaughter, a 3-year old great-granddaughter, and finally, a 10-week old baby girl, also a great.

The three-year old wildly spilled out of her car seat after the 6-hour drive.  "LOOK!" was her only greeting to me, her great Auntie Tricia.  And she thrust a harmonica in her mouth and began playing.

Hugs all around, with voices reaching just barely over our harmonica accompaniment.  This was the beginning of our eagerly-anticipated week.  My Mom, my niece, and her two daughters drove six hours to visit us in rural Kansas!

I have to mention here that the harmonica was my mother's idea.  Granny packed it in her purse and pulled it out after riding in the car for 30 minutes.  I would have loved to have seen my niece Amy's reaction.  Granny's surprise for 3-year old Addison had to wait till the last two miles of their trip.

Harmonica music for the angel fish
Helping Uncle Paul ready his bike gear:
 We packed a picnic basket and hiked across the pasture to the Shady Tree.
Waffle sandwiches and pesto bread.
Addison chose the pesto bread.
"What are you doing, Gill?"
"I'm running."
"Because it's fun."
"But WHY?"
(We heard this question a lot this week...)
Planting a feather.  Will a duck grow?
(The decorative knee bandaids were the result of a near-faceplant on our gravel drive not one hour into her visit.)
We visited our ranch neighbors down the road:
Exploring the grotto pond with Gillian...
Granny and Baby Lilah:
 A von Trapp Family moment:
The remains of a day: three pine cones, one feather, and a harmonica
What a terrific week!

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Melissa said...

From here, it sure sounded like you were having a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing the photos - you got some amazing ones.

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