Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I am still reveling in my personal "Homecoming " weekend last week. 
My Mom's birthday and our potluck celebration of her birthday.  Her life.
This is my Mom, to a "T". with a giant capital T:

Our family has a million or so photos of my Mom embracing, cuddling, rocking, laughing with, reading to, teaching, coaching, numerous kids throughout the years.  Lord have mercy, I hope to look as good as she does, come my 84th birthday. Throughout the decades.  Honestly, this woman is the recipient of any and all "Nurturing" medals, or "Lead them through to the next generation" award.
Mainly?  I think, teaching.  My Mom is the teacher extraordinaire.  We five "original" kids probably never realized that we were being taught, at home.  Home-schooled, without the hours involved.  We all went to public schools, and "homeschooling" was not even a thought way back then.  But my Mom taught us very well, outside of school hours.
My Mom went back to work when I, the youngest of five children, was in 3rd grade.  My Mom worked in the office of a grade school (not "ours").  My Mom was so great in the Momming league.  She brought home fun papers for my brother Mike and me ( Mike is a year older than I).  Whatever she found in the office "printer" (that was not what it was called then of course), that was age-appropriate for us two, she would snag a couple of sheets and bring home to us.  I thought it was like dessert: Coloring in Navajo style?  Listening to The Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler (sp?)
Heaven, it was.  Mom made it so.  Yes - she had to leave before we did in the mornings, and she arrived home after we did in the afternoons, but I think that I was (we were?)  better off for having this "enrichment Mom" coming home to us.

And now, to see my Mom, not with us, her kids, not with her grandkids, but her GREATgrandkids!  She is ever the Mom, the Grandmother, the great-Grandmother.  So energetic and always thinking of ways to enrich the youngetrs' well-beings.

Here's to my Mom!

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Louise Plummer said...

Lucky you to have such a vigorous mom to go home to. Long may she laugh and nurture.

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