Thursday, September 13, 2012

Food and Fugitives

I am making a vegetable terrine tonight to go with the corn and cod:

Vegetable Terrine

I hope it tastes good, because it looks pretty and that's one third of the meal deal, I think.  That's not a direct quote from my mother, but pretty close.  She says that what color of plate/platter/bowl can enhance a menu or not.  (Example: Don't serve white gravy in a white bowl.)  The terrine looks very pretty on that website, so here's hoping... Oh, and I switched out the peas for spinach, because all week long I have been craving spinach and collard greens, which means nature is telling me to up the greens consumption.  And I have - every day this week.  I think the peas sound good though, and I would add a mint leaf or two to the processor, because that's how I love me peas.  (That is not a typo.  Me goes with pea.) 

My sister-in-law had an exciting day today.  She and my brother have a gorgeous rural home in rural Oklahoma.  There is a long, winding drive from the main road up to their house.  They have it gated, so no hobos or other ilk can just sally up their long, winding drive to the house.

But apparently, that's just the type who might help themselves to the property.  Not hobos, but "ilk".  My SIL got a call at work today.  The sherrif or police or whoever needed entry onto the property, as there was a wanted escapee in the area, and they were wondering if he was on their propery.  She drove out to the house, opened the gate for the law, and went back to work.  The sad ending (in my opinion) was that the man was shot and killed, not on their property, but in the immediate vicinity.  

Back in our East Lansing days, we had a large and not-so-nice dog named Max.  We acquired Max from the North Shore Animal League on Long Island.  That's a long (and fun) story for another day.  I hope I remember to write about Max.  Anyway, Max did not like strangers and sometimes did not like people we felt were friends and family.  ( brother-in-law?  My MOTHER?!)

One night, late and after we had adjourned to bed, Max started up like an idiot dog wanting to eat someone.  He was making vicious noises out in the back yard.  After a bit, that Spouse o' Mine got out of bed, headed to the back door.  (Note about that Spouse o' Mine that he probably would prefer I NOT note: he was not wearing any jammers when he opened the back door to come nearly face-to-face with the police officer in our yard.) 

There were several policemen in our front and back yards, looking for someone who was trying to hide from them.  I won't go into great detail, but there was a man who had had a domestic dispute with his wife (on our street) and she called the police and he fled.  And let's cut to the chase (ha ha):  he had climbed up our neighbors' tree and that was where he was hiding through all Max barking and the officers in our yard and that Spouse o' Mine appearing....oh, well;  You probably get the scenario.

Anyway, let's get back to the terrine: I have been on a vegetable terrine kick this summer, and I am LOVING them all!  I think we may be onto some new food fad, like fondue and queso.  Yummy!

 Remains of the Day:


Gill said...

Yours looks just like the one on the site, minus the leaves!

mawlenduh said...

That looks really tasty! I might have to try making one.

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