Saturday, September 01, 2012

All in the Family

Last Tuesday I called brothers, 
nieces, and nephews: 
Come to a birthday party for Mom/Granny.  
(My mother)  
Bring food.

Less than two days later we descended on my parents' home in Oklahoma.  
What fun!

Granny and Great-grandbaby #3, (of four!), Lilah Grace.
 There is no shortage of loving arms 
for any baby in our family...
Lilah and Uncle Mike
 Lilah's mother, Amy
 Lilah's grandfather, Pops
 Lilah's sister Addison, and their Auntie Lisa
 Granny and toddler Charlotte. 
 Addison and me!
And how many towers did we two build 
and knock over that evening?!
It was an evening of laughter and good food.
Such a whirlwind of activity!
Happy birthday, Mom.    

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