Saturday, September 01, 2012

Let's Backtrack a Bit

The trouble with using both a PC and a laptop is that one forgets (or: I forget) that I have written this on that, and vice versa.

A fleeting couple of weeks ago, that Spouse o' Mine and I enjoyed a weekend in the mountains with a niece, her spouse, and their diminutive, non-stop toddler.  (NONSTOP!! In a good way, of course.)

We four, and five, shared dinner recipes, baby anecdotes (ours were a generation old, but maybe still ripe for the taking.)  That Spouse o' Mine and the Nephew-in-law cycled up and down various mountain passes...

That Spouse o' Mine talked nephew (in-law) Josh into riding down Hoosier Pass. 
Speeds entered 39 mph.
Boo for safety. 
Yay (I suppose) for adventure. 

 And our darling niece Charlotte, the nonstop energy Kid of the Year.
So fun.
So happy.
So precious!
We did this same song and dance exactly a year ago when Baby Charlotte was exactly a wee five weeks old.  And then, successfully again this year.  And my dear niece Lisa and I have decided:  It's a go: an annual event!

I am tickled, 
tickled pink!

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