Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Garden Grows

A friend asked about my Darwinian Garden this week.
This is what it looks like from a distance.
Not too bad, given the long summer drought and high temperatures, and given that we are nearing the end of September.

 But let's have a closer look.  Oh, my.  Up close, one can see the tangles of plants.
And weeds.

 Tomato vines in with the birdhouse gourds:
 Horseradish in the fennel rows:
 Eggplant masquerading as a pepper...

And the peppers encroaching on the nasturtiums' property...

 That Spouse o' Mine reports that we may have frost tonight.  If that's the case, then some of this happy garden will wilt away.  But is the temperature just hovers in the mid-30s, and as long as we have this:
...and these...
...then we will still get to enjoy some of these:


1 comment:

Gill said...

I love the photo with the sun backlighting!

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