Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I received a phone call this afternoon from a friend down south, and so I took the phone out to the grotto, nice and shady and cool, to chat.  The mosquitoes apparently took advantage of my inactive body and feasted on my exposed ankle.  Dang exposed ankle.

After chatting on the phone, I walked out to the Brickhouse where we last left the mosquito repellant after our potluck this weekend   I sprayed the repellant on my exposed ankles (note: it is SOooo nice to be fully-clothed again (save ankles), in this coolish autumnal September week.)

Later, I was out in our front yard doing who-knows-what, and I smelled...a scent.  I did not like this scent.  From whence was this odor coming?  That thought came and went as I came and went through the yard moving water hoses hither and thither and yon.  Water, water, everywhere, and not enough to quench the thirst of all our plants and lawn.  Another year, perhaps, on our plants and lawn.

The scent, the odor, did not leave me, through watering the lawn and gardens, through my outdoor tasks of frolicking with the dogs  (and truth be told?  I might like the canine scent better than whatever was following me.)  Ugh.

Finally, it occurred to me: that nasty bug repellant!  They (the makers) scented it!!!

Why would a maker of bug repellant scent something?  Bugs hone in to scents.

Oooh..  Maybe the nasty scent I was smelling is equally repellant to the mosquitoes?


I don't know.

All I know is, there's a shower going on soon, to get rid of that nasty scent.  Odor.  Stench.               

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Louise Plummer said...

"We have met the enemy and he is us." Pogo.

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