Saturday, November 06, 2010

Autumnal Completion: Week 5:

I posted this personal challenge back in September:

And this was last week's "Completion":

I have to say, this week's Completion has been hard manual labor. Really, really hard manual labor. If you read the posts above, then you can see that we are the proud owners of a circa 1887 mortise and tenon barn. And it is in major disrepair. What's worse is that the owners of this property just before us opted to do their own definition of barn repair, complete with particle-board stalls and particle-board exterior siding.


Anyone who has ever owned more than one horse KNOWS that stalls cannot be sided with particle board, because the horses will kick the daylights out of them. Case in point:

So this week I hitched up our flatbed trailer and drove 17 miles to the Man Store, only to realize upon arrival that this trailer would not accommodate 16' 2x6s. So I drove 17 miles home.

The next day, I called a myriad of lumberyards, got a good delivery price, and had my lumber delivered.

The following day, I had that Spouse o' Mine give me a safety tutorial on saws. (not manual)

The day after, I was in Barn Reclamation Business! But I have to point out, I am 5'2", and not exactly a weightlifter. This business of hauling of 16' 2x6s into the barn, sawing the right length (more on that below), and then shoving it through to the horse stall AND THEN getting it "just so" on the siding...not to mention it was just me out there in the barn, so it was a bit like playing Twister all by myself along the broad side of the barn with 16' planks of wood.

It was slow going. In part, because this circa 1887 barn is shifting/ falling down before our very eyes. not altogether setting in perfect, 90ยบ angles. So each 2x6 had to be measured to see just how much it varied from the board below.

Here is the new south wall:
You may or may not notice (or care), but this "kick wall" is only 63" high. I forbid the 16hh ponies to kick any higher. I am 5'2", and refuse to hammer nails any higher than 63".

And so, having two splinters and no lost nails, I can declare this task: COMPLETED.

Next week, I think I will just tat a doily or something.

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