Sunday, August 04, 2013

Life Experiences

I think I have written about this before, but I am not above repeating myself.

A handful of years ago, I got a new car.  I was pleased with my purchase - the first car that I picked out and purchased all by myself.  (And it turned out to be a dandy car, up until the 4th of July of this year.)  I remember that I bought the car, a Volvo station wagon, on a Thursday.  We took it to church on that Sunday, and I parked on the street, under a tree.  I recall that it was a windy day.

We got out of church to find that a tree limb had fallen.  On my new car.  Pooh!  I looked at the dent/scratch on the roof of the car, and looked at that Spouse o' Mine and said, "Oh, well, now we don't have to worry."  The first dent/scratch was done, and then we could breathe a little easier.

This morning I drove my new car, also a Volvo station wagon, to church.  That Spouse o' Mine had gone in earlier, so it was just me in the car.  As I pulled up to the church, I remembered that windy day from years ago.  Since I was not early, (heh heh...), I parked behind a line of cars in the street.  After church we had patio fellowship, (read: Lutherans=coffee).  By the time patio fellowship was cleaned up, there were few people left at church.  I walked out to the street and my car was the sole car, parked half-way down the block.

But wait.  Right under the tree that dropped its limb on my new car years ago.  ANOTHER LIMB!!!  The very morning I drove my new car to church!!!  

I am happy I now know not to park under trees in windy Kansas.  I also think being "not early" to church may have played a part in the fact that my new car still looks pretty darn good after 2 weeks' ownership.

May the good fortune continue...

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Louise Plummer said...

In my world patio fellowship is called linger longer. Any excuse to eat.

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