Sunday, August 25, 2013

New England Adventure

I began my New England adventure three mornings ago.  I love traveling adventures.  Sometimes I wonder if I should invite a friend to travel along with me on one of my little jaunts, but then I self-admonish that most people wouldn’t have the patience to travel with me.
Case in point:  I do not use a GPS.  And I don’t generally use a map.  My theory is that there are signs along the highway that will point me in the right direction.  And I am generally correct.  (We taxpayers paid for them, right?)  Today, though, Day Three into my adventure, I drove a few hours and suddenly I saw a sign along the highway that mentioned that I was in West Virginia. 
How in the world did I end up in West Virginia?!  I am visiting daughter Gillian on Cape Cod, NOT daughter Claire in Richmond.  Omigoodness me.
I stopped and bought a map. 
But the highway sign was accurate.  I sure did not recall West Virginia reaching this far north into the United States of America.  Heck, these West Virginians don’t even sound like the real West Virginians.
More to come…

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Louise Plummer said...

Oh I love this. I like to try and get lost, but it's almost impossible. Driving in New England, you eventually hit a sign that says "Boston." How you got to a sign for West Virginia I can't imagine. I think it's a gift!

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