Friday, August 02, 2013

Churn Dash

This quilt block is called Churn Dash:

And this is a Churn Dash quilt.  I like the dark background - it is remindful of traditional Amish quilt colors and design:

This morning I made a buttermilk-mango smoothie (because we were out of yogurt, which is my normal addition to mangoes and blender in my summer mornings.)  After I drank it, I Googled "drinking buttermilk" to make sure it was a good thing to do, and not something that would see me visiting the loo every two minutes later this afternoon.  Here's the skinny on the buttermilk:

 Is it safe to drink buttermilk? 

I thought it was.  I recall a really elderly friend, Mrs. Robinson, drinking buttermilk, and she was a pretty vibrant person clear into her late 90s.

I observed what I thought was an anomaly of nature this morning.  But I must have been mistaken.  I have been under the impression that rainbows in the sky always have the ROY G BIV colors in a particular order.  That is to say, if there are two rainbows in the sky, and violet is on the west end (or right) on one rainbow, then violet will be on the west end of the other rainbow as well.  This morning, I saw a rainbow with violet on the north end (or right), and up above it, another rounder rainbow formed, but its violet was to the south (or left.)  And that rainbow very nearly made a circle of its own.  This was before my buttermilk, so I know it was not a dairy-induced hallucination.

Here are some clouds I was watching as the sun peeked out this morning. 
I'm thinking: Long Island:
 In the woods after the pre-dawn rain:

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Melissa said...

LOVE that photo of the post-rain forest! And I truly wish I could drink buttermilk in my smoothies. My tummy can tolerate dairy only if it's baked, however. Somehow, a baked smoothie doesn't seem that appealing.

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