Friday, August 09, 2013


It happens every year.  That time in August, when nature is possibly telling wildlife to take care for wintering...

I get a hankering for several household tasks this time of year:

Clean out the household.

Repair and situate the household.

Stock the household.

A) Clean out the household...this means go to the basement, to all the closets, to the art room, to the bike barn, to the brickhouse, and to the barn.  GLEAN, GLEAN, GLEAN.  (Sorry, kids whose lives are hundreds and hundreds of miles away;  I've saved the family silver...) 

B) Repair and situate the household...Hmmm... the cellar door, the few missing storm windows (dang, this "Summer of Painting"!!)

C) Food stores in the basement.  I am to collect a butchered lamb on Monday for our freezer.    I have an order out for a side of pork (having never done this before, I anticipate pork loin, chops, sausage and bacon?)  And I have many tomatoes for canning and freezing.  And a cellar pantry which, in the last few months has been dwindling, as per the season.  Now, in August, I can replenish the goods down there, and life this winter will be good.


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Louise Plummer said...

I am looking forward to having space for art, food and large family suppers. Happy August.

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