Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I Did:Heading East:

I left rural Kansas last Thursday, heading east in the late morning.  Soon I found  myself navigating Kansas City, and then St. Louis.  There's not much to behold (in my opinion) in this area of my trans-con tour bound for New England.  However, I had hoped to hit the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) on my way east, but time-wise, it did not work.  (Rush-hour...spend a while in the museum, and then?  I wanted to be beyond East St. Louis before sundown.  (Sorry, good folks who live there.)

I stopped somewhere around Effingham that night.  The next morning I hopped into the car and headed to Terre Haute, IN.  I had a plan.  I wanted to stop at the Swope Art Museum.  It was a good mid-morning break.  Some people walk into a McDonald's, and some of us opt for the nearest museum.  I've said that before.  I perused the collections at the museum, stopped for a cup of coffee at the corner shop, chatted with a homeless fellow, and then I was on my way again...points east!

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Melissa said...

I like how you travel, Trish!

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