Sunday, July 07, 2013

My Summer Vacation

Was it the tequila?

Perhaps it was the residue of "weed".  (I prefer to refer to it as marijuana.)

Was it the impromptu union of several personalities: a physician, his wife, a nurse, a terrifically funny gay guy, a woman my own age, with her own way of thinking... was this the highlight of my summer vacation?

Was it the presence of youth?

Under-age youth?

Was it the impromptu union of unlicensed, underage youth, with tequila bottles and marijuana (I just learned how to spell that) residue in the SUV that struck my "going-to-Colorado-for-a-short-vacation-all-by-my-lonesome" Volvo station wagon, and rendered it:

I am fine.  Really.  Fine.  I went to church tonight, Saturday night, because I had some Thanksgiving to do.

I am going to do a "Take Two" on this vacation idea in a couple of weeks.  As College Boy Graham so eloquently put it, "Yea, that's sort of a buzz-kill on a vacation, isn't it?"   


Melissa said...

Oh, MY!! So very thankful that you are OK, but sorry about your poor car.

Louise Plummer said...

I should like to write a blog that uses the words "tequila" and "marijuana" in it. I think it would be liberating.

And this is why you drive a Volvo. So you won't die in a car crash. Glad you're alive.

Amy said...

Oh goodness. I am glad you are okay!

Amy said...
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