Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Off to the City!

That Spouse o' Mine had meetings this week, and invited me to join him.  Out of rural Kansas, and into the city.  Be still my heart...Kansas City!

I was going to post photos, but...cities is cities.  I love cities!  Museums, plazas, fountains, sidewalk cafes...I love it all.  There are times that I embrace the great Flint Hills and all the cows, but there are times when a gal has to go where there is more humanity!  Arts and Humanity!  Food and Entertainment and Arts and Humanity!

And now I am back, complete with new (to me ) car, a blue Volvo station wagon to replace the white one.  If you look back a few posts, you will see the white station wagon in its demise.  Drive and don't drink, or drink and don't drive.  One or the other.  It sounds simple enough.  College Boy Graham says it just looks like we painted my old station wagon.  I wish that were true.  Blue car is newer and I should rejoice, but the old white station wagon still had year or two left on it...


Tonight I should be cleaning off the guest room bed and such.  We are having a couple of Virginia travelers coming our way - friends of our daughter Claire , overnighting on their way to their new home: Colorado.  A fun evening in store, I think. I love overnighters.  It seems to me that I never have an immaculate household when enjoying overnighters, but they never complain, either.  Win-win, I suppose.

And so: new car, household guests:

A good day/ night, overall.

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