Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thither and Yon

Back from the city!  What a fun two days.  And one day back home to quickly regroup, put away the city duds and haul out the mountain gear:  off to Colorado!  Mountain bikes, hiking gear, Scrabble, RISK, Stratego, Chess, Score Four, and - oh, yes:

Wedding apparel, as well!  My niece Melinda is wedding the love of her life, a Kiwi!  We've known him for years, and he dovetails nicely into our familial fray.  They're getting married (lightning permitting) on Boreas Pass, south of Breckenridge.  What does one wear to a mountain-top wedding?  Well, I am wearing a nice dress.  Pearls.  Heels.  But I am packing black running shoes for the ceremony.  Yep, yep, yep.  I am not going to ruin a fine pair of heels scampering up a mountain pass.  Heels will appear for the reception, back at the house.

This was our family, only one short year ago:

And here is the Bride-to-be, my very lovely niece Melinda:

Melinda with two of her cousins, Jenny and Gillian:
 Off we go! 


Louise Plummer said...

I love that ironic look on Melinda's face.

You could wear cowboy boots for the wedding. They're quite comfortable.

twebsterarmstrong said...

The only cowboy boots I have ever owned were my red patent leather with black fringe ones that Santa brought me when I was in Kindergarten. Jay Bissel made fun of them, and I was never the same when it came to cowboy boots.

Louise Plummer said...

Well, Jay Bissel is just nasty.

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