Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wedding Watch: Four Weeks

Daughter Claire is getting married in four weeks.  I startled myself last week, almost like a Moro Reflex, when I realized that I could actually begin counting down to her Big Day.  Since her engagement in January, I have mentally tripped over details and minutiae, but I haven't put a schedule or timeline on things.

I guess I can start dithering in earnest.

Thinking so, I announced to that Spouse o' mine and the College Boy that they need to unearth their black suits and black dress shoes to be cleaned in time for the wedding.  It's a good thing we are starting this process at Four Weeks.  That Spouse o' Mine came up with his suit jacket, but no dress pants.  He found his black dress shoes in the back of his closet.  The College Boy says he could have sworn he brought his black suit home from college two years ago.  And he thinks he left his black dress shoes in Washington.  He and his father headed in to town this afternoon and purchased a new pair for him.  He can now be dressed up in rural Kansas and on the West Coast. 

Daughter Gillian, Maid of Honor, is in central China, where she will be until the week before the wedding.  Her facet of organization, though, seems to be glimmering in the box she has left upstairs, packed and ready for me to take to Colorado, where we shall meet before the wedding.  Gillian is a list maker and always seems to have it together.   Not that the guys in the family don't, but...

Oh, well.  You get the idea.

The week before the wedding, Bride-to-Be Claire will fly from the East Coast, and her Maid of Honor will fly from the West Coast, (or, China), both arriving in Denver within 30 minutes of each other.  THAT'S organization.  On the same day, I will be driving from rural Kansas, through Denver, and will plan to pick the two of them up at the Denver airport on my way to points west.  And THAT will be an amazing feat.  I will be bringing the wedding dress, the Maid of Honor things, the reception details, and perhaps a lot, lot more.

Ah!  Four weeks!         

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