Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning

I got up and outdoors early this morning: up at 5:00 am, and out by 5:30.

Things to do!  Things to do before the heat and humidity set in as forecast.  First on my agenda was taking the dogs out for their morning leaps and bounds.  I wrote earlier that I had neglected to check my vegetable garden, and the zucchini had grown - also by leaps and bounds.  The bloodhound still thinks he is a puppy, and relishes having something to chew and gnaw on.  So, I gave him a zucchini this weekend.  He loves it!

Picture this:  Not even sunrise, I went out to greet the dogs and open the pasture gate.  Beau the Bloodhound grabbed his zucchini and took it with him while he explored the pasture and the creek. 


Melissa said...

That is adorable! :)

Louise Plummer said...

I don't think I've ever seen a bloodhound in real life, let alone one with a zucchini. Love the pic.

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