Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How I See Myself

I saw this funny online today:


 It seemed to hit home, in a way.  Not that I am elderly or wheelchair-bound.  And not that my self-esteem is stellar.  I am, after all, a 52-year old who probably is on the weightier side of the bathroom scales.  I have that mid-life frizzy/wrath-of-Medusa hair going on.  That Spouse o' Mine tells me I snore.  (Well, he does, too!!)           

In spite of the above (and more disclosure, no doubt), occasionally I get a positive glimpse of myself in my mind.

"I can run fast, if I want."
"This cycling jersey really suits me!"
"I can hit the tennis ball as well as those 20-year olds!"
"My swimsuit looks every bit as good on me as those Speedos look on those men."
"Now, go put your pearls on! "

I could go on.  Heaven knows, my mind goes on and on and on...

Bottom line on my thoughts about Mid-life Me:  I tell myself, "Yes, well;  Dearie, smile and just think to yourself, 'What would I look like if I WEREN'T running or cycling or swimming or...' "

And that makes the ballerina in my mind's eye even that much more beautiful.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I hope to be as confident in myself as you are in yourself, someday, T!

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