Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grateful Satisfaction

This is not a "food blog", but today, I am celebrating our meals!

This morning for breakfast, we had grits, eggs, and asparagus.  That was a great big YUM in my mind, having been up and out the door for hours. (Sun-up here is now 5:00 am.)  The grits were leftovers, and that's OK, or even better than OK.  And the best part?  The eggs were compliments of our ducks, just a duckhouse away, in their little commune.  9-14 eggs a day; that's a lot of pound cake.

Lunch.  After the jaunt with the dogs, I went out to the vegetable garden, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!!!  I had a kabillion GIANT zucchini.  A KABILLION!! AND THEY WERE GIANT!!  Anyone with half a gardener's brain knows one should harvest the zucchini every day, so that they do not grow to monstrous proportions. 

Tells you what category of gardener I fall into.

So, for lunch...lunch with two guys. (That Spouse o' Mine and the College Boy).  What would be better for lunch on a Saturday afternoon, but grilled burgers?  Better than that: burgers from Angus beef we received from our next-door-neighbors, the Downey Ranch?   And some lightly-sauteed (GIANT! ) zucchini, onions, garlic, and basil:  all from that silly garden outside, and topped with some cheese that our daughter Gillian made, just prior to her trek to China/Tibet.  

And thus, we feasted.

Tonight, it's Gulegh Kambling Night at the Armstrongs'.   Indonesian lamb curry.  Lamb curry and, as I told the College Boy, we can factor in a major amount of GIANT ZUCCHINI into the meal.  The fun part about this meal?  The lamb is received from our neighbors 2 miles down the way, at River Creek Farms.   The herbs are to be found just out my back door, in the Grotto.  Onions and garlic: check!  from early spring harvest.  Collard greens from the vegetable garden will grace the table as well.

We don't have a milk cow, or otherwise, our daily meals might be complete! It takes a village, but it is a nice little group we have within our village which enables us to enjoy our "local" meals.  Very few can enjoy what we have here in rural Kansas.

Next week?  I see tomatoes and eggplant a'comin'.        

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