Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today!! Summer Solstice!

This, pasted from my Facebook, and I hope anyone who reads this will join in.  I have no clue why it is that I enjoy making up Haiku.  It makes no sense, no sense at all...

"Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. I always entertain the thought of entertaining during thus,'s too hot! Always, for my liking!

So! Instead of a Wabaunsee Summer Solstice Potluck (much as we would love it), let's have a Summer Solstice Haiku Extravaganza."

Tricia Webster Armstrong
Hot. Where are the blooms?
The giant butterfly flits
And I am indoors.
Hotter than she-it.
Winds howl at seventy-eight.
Margarita time!
Harbinger of doom.
June 20th holds no joy.
Winter hides, waiting.
Since I didn't learn how to compose a haiku in German schools you may have to provide me with some lessons first. ;-)
 ‎5 syllables, then 7, then 5. Really tough for us verbose types!
Stand an egg on end.
Enjoy the long days for now.
Summer will soon fade.
Tricia Webster Armstrong Response to Haiku #3:
Harbinger of hope!
June 20th: come, snow, come.
Winter hides, waiting!
Bottom of Form


Louise Plummer said...

Sun: Midsummer’s gift,
Shining like a kumquat high
Delectable day

Melissa said...

Sunshine burning hot
Kansas wind gusting ever
Cicadas singing

twebsterarmstrong said...

So it seems that there is an apparent disparity between Utah Summer Solstice, and Kansas Summer Solstice.
How can this be?
All I can add is this:

It rained, oh, it poured!
Three deep inches: H2O
Green things will return.

Louise Plummer said...

First day of summer
Pink roses burst on the bush
Brightest, longest day

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