Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Heat is On

Yesterday was a busy day of outdoor things, starting with the sun-up Dog Jaunt, followed by such things as watering everything in sight, tending to the vegetables (Uh-oh!  Uh-oh!  The vegetables are building up on our kitchen counters!), working with our vet to do annual rabies and what-have-you.  I must interject here to say, as sad as it was to say goodbye to horses last summer, and as much as I miss the horses, I was pretty happy not to be doing horse vetting in the 104º temperature in the late afternoon.  Inbetween outdoor tasks I would hop into our silly little kiddie pool - which is sandwiched between one outbuilding and two parked cars, so that all the tough outdoorsy farmers and ranchers can't see me lolling around in it like a depressed water buffalo.  I wore running shorts and a t-shirt all day and hopped in and out of the pool all day.  I lead a really, REALLY glamorous life.

At 5:30 pm we were still doing vet tasks, and that Spouse o' Mine came home from work.  I was dripping with sweat (which for me is about the worst sensation in the world), having just spent WAYyyy too much time wrestling with a 120-lb Bloodhound who did not want to have a couple of shots and some stuff sprayed up his nose.  (The vet and I tried every trick in the book, but Beau refused to participate in an orderly fashion.)  And that Spouse announced, "We have no water."


He walked indoors and returned shortly to report, "We have no electric."  (There's a thing about Aussies, or maybe just Aussie Armstrongs, that they remove parts of words in some cases, and add extra parts to other words, in some cases. Aluminum.  Aluminium??  I have given up trying to correct this linguistic practice.)

Omygoodness.  NO ELECTRIC?  No electricity?  No air conditioning, in other words?!

As soon as the vet backed out of our drive, I headed over to the kiddie pool for another soak.  This time, at 104º in the early evening, bathwater.  Ugh.

I went indoors.  No electric.

"Let's go to a hotel!" I exclaimed.  I was not in the mood to rough it all night long in a hot house without air conditioning, or at least a fan set in the window.  I might have to sleep in the kiddie pool, I thought.

Well.  I lay on the sofa, motionless, for quite some time, watching the thermostat climb up and up, allthewhile, the sun going down and downer. 
"I'm melting, MELTING!" the Wicked Witch of the West I thought to myself.
At dusk I returned outdoors to finish up whatever ends needed meeting: ducks in their house, all cats in for the night (fox season!), and dogs fed and re-watered.

Coming back to the house: oh, glory be!  A light!  A light!

We had electric.

I wouldn't have to sleep in the kiddie pool.
A miracle!!  We'd been saved!

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Gill said...

So why was the electric off? You're making Kansas sound in such a way that I might not be looking forward to coming back... Melinda and I both decided we are soft when it comes to hot summers now. It was pushing 75 yesterday and we both thought we were melting.

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