Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June's Bustin' Out!

I have wonderful, happy, funny memories of my sister Barb. We laughed together, sang together, shared secrets, were partners in hilarious crimes, talked on the phone too much... I wish everyone could have a sister relationship like we did.

I was thinking of her just a few days ago. I was driving in a hot Trailblazer that had no air conditioning, and I was beyond grumpy. I was sweating and irritable. But then my mind went back to a trip I took with my sister and my grandmother, from Oklahoma to Texas for a cousin's wedding. We went in Barb's car, which had no AC. And she and my grandmother sat in the front seats, and I in the back, and I swear THE HOT WIND MAKING MY HAIR FLY ALL OVER THE PLACE MADE ME CRAZY. Allthewhile, the two chirpy travelers in the front were smiling and cheery and commenting on how they LOVED driving with the windows down. I spent hours glowering on that drive. Years later Barb and I would die laughing about that trip: a college girl and her pre-teen sister, and their grandmother. What a mix.

I always think of Barb and this song in May, because each spring she would teach her class of 1st Graders to sing it. She and I sang it on the way to doctor's appointments in the spring before she died. This is a happy memory! It just goes to show you: the power of music.

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Amy said...

Sisters are just the best. There is no relationship like it. I miss Barb. She was such a happy person and a wonderful aunt.

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