Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Day for Fathers

Father's Day. Does it mean anything different this year, from last year, or last decade's, or from when I was a child? It does, and doesn't.

Things I have always known about my father:

People respect him.

He is funny.

He enjoys another's sense of humor.

He is very kind.

And thoughtful.

He is a bit of a jock.

He is jaunty.

He encourages everyone; he is the world's coach.

He loves his wife of many decades. (This is the best on my list.)

He loves us kids, and grandkids. We respect him, laugh with him, learn from his kindness and his thoughtfulness. He urges us all to try - to learn - to attempt - to create - to compete - to achieve.

What a legacy.

I love my Dad. Happy Father's Day to everyone. I hope you have a celebration about your fathers, too.

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