Friday, March 25, 2011

The Weekend

This week was "Daughters' Visits" at our house: Gillian came home from KU grad school, and Claire came home from Virginia. They spent a huge amount of hours cleaning This Old House and helping me with my Lenten project. Grazi, daughters.

Tonight we were expecting 5-6 collegiate cyclists to arrive on our doorstep, but yesterday evening we got an email stating that the collegiate races had been canceled.

That's a BIG BOO. A) Collegiate homestays are always so fun for us. We love them - and have been doing them in some way, shape and form for 20+ years. B) I had gone grocery shopping for the weekend athletes, purchasing odds and ends which denote a high-carb diet for racing cyclists: pancake mix, pasta, pasta, pasta, grits, and lots of bananas.

So. Well. That Spouse o' Mine and the daughters and I had our own tiny little pasta party this evening. Maybe someone will make pancakes in the morning. Bananas? Smoothies and bread coming our way...

Tonight that Spouse o' Mine and I took a quick bike ride. 40ยบ and windy, windy. It was remindful of those skiing days where the sub-freezing winds will freeze-dry our eyes, and numb our cheeks. Our smiles will be stuck in smile-mode for the day.

Tonight we are having chocolate chip cookies. Two days ago, it was pound cake. Tomorrow, we are having lemon cupcakes topped with fresh berries: the request of the Birthday Girl, Miss Gillian Louise.

Amazing! 24 years ago, I gave birth to a healthy 9 lb 13 oz bouncing baby girl. She was and is beautiful.

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Amy said...

Gorgeous picture!

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