Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Horticulture

Remember this post last fall?

Bananaculture 101

These are some of those same banana trees, 3.5 months later.
The College Boy was right!

This afternoon I discovered some less-than appetizing celery in the produce bin:

In a glass of water, 4.5 hours later:
(Much better...)

And finally, last summer's
Beta-Keratin Week

I am pleased to report, we have the last of our 2010 New England Pie Pumpkin simmering as a soup for dinner tonight. Now, to peruse the seed catalogues and begin plans for Darwinian Garden 2011...

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That perked-up celery is amazing! I had no idea you could do that...I have some similarly limp celery in my own veggie bin. I will put it in water so I can watch it revive! Thanks for sharing that tip, Tricia.

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