Friday, December 10, 2010

Your Mind's Eye

Imagine the reddest red, from the southwest horizon, stretching clear over to the northwest horizon, and stretching even further across the northern horizon.

Throw across some deepest pink-red. Just above the reddest red. DEEP, HOT PINK-RED.

In the north horizon, swirl the clouds - just once! - to make an imaginary deep pink wave above the DEEP, HOT PINK and the reddest red.

Then take your imaginary brush over the west horizon, and trail a teeny bit of pearly-pink, in 30ยบ angles to the horizon...about six of these.

Turn the heat up on the reddest red now. Make it glow clear up the sky, past the treetops.

Leave the heat on for fifteen minutes or so.

And there you have tonight's sunset: the best I think I have ever enjoyed.

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