Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumnal Completion: Week 2:

I skipped town for a week, thereby missing two of my Completion deadlines. Now I have to step it up this week, and get three things done!

Last night that Spouse o' Mine and I were out perusing yard, garden, pasture, and everything inbetween. All our animals loved pottering around with us - even the horses. In fact, Turbo, our bay, leaned over our garden fence and began eating the weeds. That was OK, we all know I don't weed the garden, so why not let him do it? But it did point out a potential vet bill, and I decided that it was time to repair that part of the pasture fence. After all, the only thing holding the fence up was the dead lemon cucumber vines, and I think Turbo was beginning to see a golden opportunity into our yard's green green lawn.

Late this morning I grabbed all necessary tools and a step ladder (something most farmer-rancher types do not haul out to the pasture, but I am a 5'2" weakling when it comes to sledge-hammering t-posts into the ground), and headed out. First I spent a goodly amount of time taking out the old fence (part barbed wire, part hogwire, part who-knows-what: all rusted). And then, with the assistance of the ever-helpful feline Euripides, I began hammering in t-posts and setting up fence.

What would I have done differently?
  1. I would have waited for a day when the wind was not blowing 25 mph.
  2. I would have put the ever-helpful Euripides indoors for the day. Having a cat shimmy up the stepladder while I was sledge-hammering t-posts in 25 mph wind was not beneficial to the task at hand.
  3. I would have drained the horse tank set up against the fence the night before. As it happened, I drained it and then trudged through mud the rest of the task-at-hand.
But that part of the fencing is done:
Only ~1 mile left to do...


Gill said...

Yay! Looks good!

CHD said...

Capitol job. T-post placement was made much easier by my discovery of a T-post driver! Now I'm spoiled and refuse to do it with a sledgehammer anymore.

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