Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Turbulence

Saturday night that Spouse o' Mine and I hit the hay and apparently snoozed peacefully until the 3:00 am storm hit.  It was a riot of lightning and thunder and wind - all things which unsettle me. 

And fast-forward to the next wave of turbulent fun and games which arrived at 5:00 am.  I debated, looking out our bathroom window, whether this was "the time" to awaken the man-who-sleeps-through-all-things-including-tornadoes.  I opted for a prayer instead. 

When I awoke at 7:00 am, I was quite unhappy at my sleepless night.  (Or was I unhappy at that Spouse o' Mine still slumbering peacefully, oh, so peacefully, on the other side of the bed?)   I lumbered into the bathroom and looked out the window:  Something looked different.  There was a lot of green where there used to be not green with a few Adirondack chairs.  Now there was a lot of leafy green, and no chairs to be seen.  What the heck?  This was remindful of a winter's day years ago when I looked out the same bathroom window of a morning, and everything was encased in ice.  And there were HUGE limbs lying in the lawn.  I remember opening the window and hearing the creaking of the ice-laden trees. 

Well, Mother Nature has once again saved us from those age-old Widow-Makers (big old limbs which could come down on your spouse, but for the grace of God.) 

The morning itself was quite spectacular, with cloud rotations and all sorts of lovely nature:

Happily, what I viewed from the bathroom window did not damage our beloved hammock.  The hammock was placed there some twelve years ago, and its rope has been encompassed by twelve years' of tree growth.  Sadly, two of our Adirondack chairs were smited by the winds and consequential limb-fiasco.

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Louise Plummer said...

I like that you pray. This all reminds me of life in Minnesota, which is like a dream to me now

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