Thursday, May 08, 2014

Fast-Forwarding Life!

Wowza.  Where did the last ten days go??  Where did I go??

Ah, yes: We (that Spouse o' Mine and I) went to Richmond, Virginia.  Home of southern manners, shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, southern accents, and of course, our daughter Claire and her husband, Rich.  Daughter Gillian and her friend Roscelle also joined in the fun, coming down from Cape Cod, in what was supposed to be a morning flight only a few (read: three, at maximum), hours long, but ended up many, many hours into their day - as Gillian put it: they could have driven from Cape Cod to Virginia in the time it took them to fly on that particular day.  The clouds and the winds made the Eastern Seaboard flights iffy and bumpy.  Even I, a former flight attendant, was not comfortable with our final approach into D.C.

But what fun, what fun, once we were all together.  I love our adult kids.  (Note: I loved our little kids as well.)  It is so fun to chat and laugh and banter and muse with them.  We really felt the absence of College Boy Graham, out on the West Coast, though.  Happily, he is completing his final quarter of college and come mid-June, he graduates and we have no more thoughts of tuition payments and such.  Wowee: another parenting chapter, closed.  I love closing some of our parenting chapters.

What's fun about our family is that we feel free to "move about the cabin", as it were.  None of us felt obligated to participate in everything everyone else wanted to do.  Some of us went cycling, some went running, some went shopping (me), some went to church (me), and the list goes on - because it truly was  non-stop activities, the choices of which were endless.  We even gardened and mulched.

Such a good time was had by all.

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