Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Once in my young motherhood, MY mother mentioned something about refraining from chiding "No" or "Hush" or "Stop that" over and over again to young children, because they will end up tuning the admonitions out. 

Fast-forward to this morning's pre-sunrise walk in the pasture:  A few days ago, upon return from Virginia, I took the mower out and mowed my summer paths which lead me around what will soon be hip-high brome grass.  I took Biserka the Nutcase Dog along with me this morning - she loves these walks. 

As we neared the creek, I spied a very pretty, fluffy tail, high in the air, on the mown path just ahead of us.  Beautiful black with a silvery stripe along the middle.  Yep - Mr. Skunk was utilizing MY path to go about his morning business!  Of all the gall.  I stood stock-still because A) I wanted to watch him, and B) I didn't want to alarm him.

Well, things were just fine until Biserka the Nutcase spied the tail, and she took off pell-mell after Mr. Skunk. 

Thank goodness I don't call Biserka down much - if at all.  (She is, after all, a nutcase and is too timid to merit much scolding.)  I screamed "BISERKA!!! NOOoooooo!"

And you know what?  She stopped.  Right there, dead in her tracks.  She turned around and looked at me, and stayed right where she was.  I was really, really lucky this morning.  I had visions of major dog-bathing filling up my entire Sunday.

And here it is, Mother's Day, and I want to share a really, really big pet peeve of mine.  I HATE it when someone, more often that not a veterinarian, sees me with my dog and calls me "Mom".  I hate it so much that once when a new vet said something to my dog along the line of, "Tell your Mom blah blah blah..."  And I leaned over to the dog's ear and said , "Tell Dr. ****  that I am NOT a bitch."

That vet never called me Mom again.


Melissa G said...

What a good dog Biserka is, obeying you like that! As you know, Etta rarely heeds my warnings. Perhaps I do repeat my commands to her too often.

Amy said...

Haha. Your pet peeve cracked me up mama!

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