Friday, April 04, 2014

Wildcat Grand Prix Homestay!

I've got late night Chicken & Noodles cooking in the kitchen.  It's 8:30 pm.  That Spouse o' Mine just came in to have a shower.  I have yet to get mine, after my 5-mile walk/run.  The eleven or so collegiate cyclists are due on our doorstep in an hour or two.  Or now.  We never really know until they pull into our drive.

This weekend marks our annual rubbing of elbows with the collegiate cycling set, when cyclists from Texas and Minnesota and places inbetween arrive here (here being K-State) for the Wildcat Grand Prix Cycling.  The weekend will bring in over 250 cyclists from all over.  We are housing eleven. 

 Ours is such a relaxed home, it's almost sinful.  (Seriously. Pathetically relaxed.)  But it works for us, and it does for our collegiate houseguests as well.  They can sit in the living room and chat with us, or go upstairs and not chat with us.  I can go to the old living room, alone, and catch up with mags and Wall Street Journals, or we can go outdoors, and invite them to join us in the grotto, or at one of the two picnic tables outside. (Wind-variable, as it IS Kansas, you know.)  They can go out to the hammock to read, followed by Martin the Helper (Kitten of All Good Nature), or they can sit out in one of the Adirondacks and enjoy the Indian Runner ducks. They can hunker down in that Spouse o' Mine's Bike Barn (that-which-makes-me-crazy).

All-in-all, this weekend is fun for us.  I do hope the college kids concur.

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