Sunday, April 20, 2014

Golf, Tennis, and Sea Pines

"The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course."  ~ Billy Graham

While I was at Hilton Head last week, the golf folks began gearing up for the PGA Heritage Golf tournament on the island.  I am not a follower of golf, but it sure was interesting watching all the goings-on all week. 

My Dad played tennis most mornings while I was visiting. There are 16 tennis courts at Sea Pines/Harbor Town.  Well: the tennis folks were in a bit of a twit because the golf folks parked huge television systems, semi-trucks of all things golf, and even Winnebago-like vehicles on half of the tennis courts.  The tennis folks were beginning to  feel like second-class citizens of the sports world.

There is so much security at Sea Pines this year.  We were made to park in a lot miles away from the tennis courts (I accompanied Dad in the mornings, and walked around Harbor Town enjoying the yachts parked in the harbor while he played tennis.)  We had to take a shuttle to the tennis courts, and we were told that shuttles would be running to and from the "tennis lot" (Ha!  Tennis folks even got sent to their own lot!) 

Speaking of security measures, I got to watch a sheriff unload scuba gear for the harbor one morning.  I asked two different security guys why there was so much security - was it because it was the anniversary of the Boston Marathon last year, with its bombs? Both men met my queries with dull stares, and replied that they did not know.  Hmm.  If they DID anticipate something bad, I wanted to know.  I was at last year's Marathon.  I was 1/2 mile away from the finish line and unaware of the bombs.  But I never want to be remotely involved in such a sad day ever again.   (Spectating, post-Marathon)

On the first morning of the Heritage, we were unable to find a shuttle back to our car.  My Dad was getting a little irate (Yes, Dad!  If you are reading this, holding your racket in the air in the middle of the road is seen as irate!) I can't blame him - he had just played over an hour of tennis, and was ready to go home. 

Well, a Food and Beverage truck came by, and my Dad asked him if he could take us to our lot.  The driver looked towards the ground, and I saw what he was saying: something to the effect of You aren't food or beverage, but if you slide in quietly, I will take you to the tennis lot.  Or maybe he just quietly said, "Get in."  Whatever it was he said, I was keen to go, and climbed in, by hands and knees.  My Dad, a little on the reserved side, initially refused to take part in this escapade, but he eventually came to his senses and joined me.  We had a good laugh about it that evening.

Here are some pretty photos of Hilton Head.  No wonder my parents picked this place:

And here is a good video.  No wonder my mother taught her grandkids how to run away from an alligator (Perpendicular to the gator!  Not only did my tykes learn alligator escape, they also learned the math term "perpendicular".  My Mom is a good teacher.)

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