Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Attention Deficit at Its Best

Last week, before the Fool's Day, I sent an email out to my Wabaunsee Book Club ladies.  It was a challenge: a Mile-a-Day April.  How fun!, I thought.  We could all walk and then run a mile every day in April.  This concept is not my original thinking.  Last year on Facebook, "I heartemoticon  to Run" (Read: I love to Run.) introduced Nike's Mile-a-Day March.

Well. Last year I instigated it with my family.  My family spread throughout the U.S.A.  Some 38-40 of us ran at least one mile each day in March, 2013.  And so my family opted in once again for April, 2014.

I guess I was overly enthusiastic.  I sent that email out to my fellow book club members, and it was met at first with a bit of silence. And then there were a few nibbles on the hook.

WELL.  Eight days into this month, and there are perhaps 1/3 of our Wabaunsee Book Club at least walking at least one mile each day.  (I really think they are walking more than one mile each day, and that makes me happy.)  A couple of members have added some run into their walks, and it is good that they are doing so gradually.

Today I ran/walked 5 miles.  I run till I feel like walking, and then I walk till I feel like running.  Five miles allows for some serious thinking, and praying, and imagination.  This evening's run/walk was pretty brisk, but for the two stops to chat with newborn calves and their mothers, and a stop to play with a Western Worm Snake, and then two more stops to listen to the deafening croaking of the armies of frogs now happily celebrating Spring.  As the title describes: Attention deficit at its best.  It was  a great afternoon.

Here's a painful aside:

I was to meet a fun friend for lunch today.  The last time we were to meet for lunch there was a blizzard, and we both arrived to the luncheon destination late, but yay for cell phones: we both knew the other would be late.  Today I jumped in my car, time was accurate, and I headed into town, 12+ miles, for a fun lunch.

Uh-oh.  That black Mini-Cooper that the neighbor drives...it was headed my way.  I was just putting my hand up to wave at my neighbor (whom I don't know at all,, but I wave all the time),  and I see the writing on the hood:


Really?!  Police, and NOT neighbor?!  I was in a mess of trouble, I thought.  Sure enough, the non-Mini-Cooper does a U-Turn on the highway and puts his lights on. 

Sheesh.  (And that's not really the word I was thinking at that moment.  The word I was thinking of did not end in -eesh.)

Nevertheless, I put my hazards on and drove ever-so-slowly to the next point which I thought might be a safe spot.  This was about 1.5 miles from the point where the officer first flashed his lights.  I drove approximately 30 mph for 1.5 miles.

OK!  So! End of story:  I could not come up with a witty answer to Officer Whomever's question of "why was I driving so fast".  (I shall work on that reply for future meetings.)  and I was socked with a fine that is equivalent to half my airline fare to Hilton Head, South Carolina later this week.

What does this teach me? 




Yep, I got the lesson, officer.

Over and out.


Gill said...

I am laughing. You have never been good at identifying vehicles, and especially those belonging to police officers. Sorry about your ticket though!

Louise Plummer said...

Maybe you need to walk into town rather than drive your car! (Or walk to Hilton Head). I've been walking every day. it feels wonderful.

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