Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter, Winter

The low tonight is 10º F.  This is good!  This is very, very good!  That temperature will kill some of the bugs that we HATE to experience in our spring/summer/fall months.

Ticks, grasshoppers, millers, moths?

I wish everyone could sing the praises of freezing weather.  Really: freezing weather is our saving grace, here in the Mid-West.  Embrace it, unless you embrace pesticides and chemicals.

The only thing better than 10ºF?

10ºF with a boatload of snow.



Gill said...

No kidding... I saw one of those barn bugs (the ones that congregate on the sides of buildings) crawling across the floor of the museum the other day, and I thought, "REALLY??"

Louise Plummer said...

We are having the same temperatures. I'm okay with it, and now even more that I know it kills pests.

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