Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Global Positioning

Timbuktu.  Far, far away, in Mali.  On Africa.  Here's a very, very rough description of where one will find Timbuktu on a map:

Find Cork, Ireland.

Head south.

Find Lisbon, Portugal.

Head south.

Find Casablanca, Morroco.

Head south.

Find Marrakesh, Morroco.

Head south.

Head south a little more.

Head south/southeast.

Head south a little more.

You should be able to find Timbuktu.  In Mali.

Ha!  As good as GPS!

I heard on NPR this evening some nonsense about some scientists studying dung beetles and how they (the beetles) use the Milky Way to navigate their balls of dung along a straight line.

I did not utilize the Milky Way to find a path to Mali.

It must be a slow news day.

Snow tonight!!

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