Friday, January 11, 2013

January's Joys

It's January, and that means:

Forced bulbs!

On another note, instead of taking a photograph of yet ANOTHER sunset, I will describe this evening's glory: swimming pool green in the east, moving counter-clockwise around the sky, around to long, broad paintbrush strokes of pink in the north, then graduating into bright pink short sweeps of the brush towards the northwest, moving on to a bright golden, then lemon-yellow mackerel sky of sundown in the west.  The finale: Bright, hot pink sundown, melting down to a deep cadmium red horizon.  Glorious.  And the thing is, it only lasted about fifteen minutes.  Amazing.

It is 60º tonight.  Tomorrow night's low is forecast to be 15º.  Yikes!

And finally, geriatric calico Puzzle is incensed to have found a duck (A Duck...) in the mudroom this evening.  Said duck (none of my ducks have names: they all look identical), was found this morning in the duckhouse, belly-up.  And really cold.  I brought her in to warm her up, I filled the bath tub with water and gently set her in.  Withing 15 minutes, she was happily paddling and sipping water.  I left her in there for some time, paddling and chirping and standing in the shallow water.  Then I took her to the mudroom to dry off, and eventually back to the duckhouse outdoors.  A few hours later I went out to check, and she was once again belly-up.  Hm.  Not at all good.  I repeated the above treatment, and now Madame Canard is going to spend her night in our mudroom.  At least I can check her on my mid-night trip to the bathroom.  (That Spouse o' Mine, after hearing the whole story, claims she's faking it to get in from the cold.  {He is joking.})  But Mme. Canard does not realize that her days are numbered if she doesn't straighten up and fly right...soon.

I bought a ham today, and we are going to enjoy ham and beans and spinach tonight.  Tomorrow's cold front is the impetus for the ham: Split pea soup is THE BEST thing to have on the stove after a cold day outdoors.  And that's where I plan to be tomorrow...


Louise Plummer said...

Write short stories. Write what you love.

I love the forced bulbs.

Melissa said...

You might try giving Mme. Canard some apple cider vinegar in her morning water. She could have something going on inside that needs cleaning out. When we've had a duck in isolation, the first little bowl of water they get in the morning (tuna can size) has a tablespoon of Bragg's in it. A few days of this treatment and Duck usually perks right up. In addition to the vinegar, give the poor duckie a large dollop of plain yogurt every day if you really want to heal her up quickly. This is what cured Foxtrot of severe prolapse last summer. Good luck!

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