Monday, January 14, 2013


There are lots of good things to say about being 52.  There are lots of things to counter the good things to say about being 52.  Case in point:

I have cotton in my ears today.  It is not a good look. It looks STUPID.

But, it works.  If I venture outdoors when it is 8º and breezy, then I pull out my cotton balls and put some in my ears. 

NO EARACHES.   No aching pain from ear-down-to-throat.

But I look stupid.

The other night in Kansas City, we left the bagpipe concert and it was ~ 21º and windy.  I had a scarf attached to my coat, and so I wound the two sides up across my head and ears (no cotton to be had that evening), and then back down behind my neck.  I looked like a Babushka.  Even that Spouse o' Mine commented that I looked Eurasian. 

But my head was warm.  

My sister Barb and I used to argue about fashion vs comfort. Barb was all for comfort.  I sought fashion anytime it was feasible.  But now I am 52, and my sister is up in some heavenly cloud somewhere, laughing and laughing at me.


Louise Plummer said...

At 70, I am still on the side of beauty, although there are days when I go out looking like a hairy spider. The babushka look is far better than cotton spilling out of your ears. I think you need to buy a World War I flying ace hat like Snoopy. You know, with the ear flaps. And goggles. Maybe a leather jacket, skinny pants and brown boots. So very Ralph Lauren. You'd be all the rage.

Melissa said...

Where is the LIKE button? I agree with Louise. :) And with you! Sometimes, it's all about being comfortable, fashion be hanged!

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