Monday, January 21, 2013

I Can See the Light. Do I Go to It?

Things to do during the flu:
Sleep some more.
Sleep even more than you can possibly imagine sleeping.
After there is no more sleep left in your body, read a book.  Or two.  Maybe, three?

I read The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong, Craftsman Homes, and Short Stories of Truman Capote.  The jury is still out as to what I will be able to recall from any of these books.  I have been popping 1/2 tabs of Benadryl every four hours since Friday morning.  (I am a lightweight, and it has kept me pretty darn comatose and/or happy all these fever-ridden hours...)

After there is no more sleep in your body, and no more literature-musing in your head, move on to TV.  I watched a lot of An Idiot Abroad on TV.  It suited my mental well (or not-) being.  And then, happily, the Australian Open is now playing.  Hooray for a sport that I understand!

Eat a lot of soup.  Soup, soup, soup.  Vichyssoise, carrot soup, faux Pho, leftover vegetables-in-the-bin soup.  It doesn't matter, really, what soup you choose to eat, because you won't be able to taste it anyway.  The key is to keep those liquids going in as quickly as you as you sweat and sneeze and blow.  Gross.  I know. Boy, do I know.

Breakfast, anyone?  Malto-Meal.  Comfort food from years ago when you had a mother who made it for you.  For some unknown reason, what I received from that Spouse o' Mine was scum-covered.  I couldn't taste the Malto Meal, so all that was important was the texture.  Texture: FAIL.  Love from that Chef o' Mine: PASS.  (Is this a good time to mention that the leeks in the vichyssoise had not been rinsed, and so it was a lot like eating picnic food in a sandstorm?  I can say this with authority since I have now experienced both.  Bless his heart.)

And so here I am, I can see the light.  And I am thinking it's the light at the end of the tunnel of fun, and not that other light that we are supposed to go to when things aren't landing jelly-side-up.     

What mulled and rolled and tilt-o-whirled through my mind through a lot of my fever and sleep was that I can thank my lucky stars that this is not my life, every day.  I am pretty blessed to have good health on most days.  This veer-off into Fever-Land?  I think it's reminded me to be more compassionate to those in sickness and handicap.

It got my attention.
I am well.  *sigh*

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Louise Plummer said...

My mother made us Cream of Wheat with milk. I liked to let it cool slightly just to get that skim of scum on the top.

Glad you're back with the living.

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