Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Weekend

That Spouse o' Mine and I joined daughter Gillian in Kansas City yesterday for sushi and a bagpipe concert.  It was fun, it was cold, (26º), it was nice to get out of the house!
There were lots of these to be seen:

At the sushi restaurant, that Spouse o' Mine commented that a college kid sitting nearby had neglected to remove his baseball cap upon entering.  And then I had to retell something I had heard or read recently: "The baseball cap should be worn in the direction that your life is travelling."  I guess, unless you are a catcher?

There were lots of these quarter caps coming in the door at the bagpipe concert:

 (Yes, that's me, standing in the middle of the intersection in the dark.  Pretty Kansas City lights, yes?)
And finally, two newcomers to the Armstrong Bird Watch:
House finch
 Sharp-shinned Hawk

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