Saturday, December 22, 2012

Notes at Mid-Christmas

1. I have had such a fun week this past week with all the kids home.  It was a nice week of Christmas.

2. This year I was a little bit tired of the old familiar Christmas songs on the radio and in my CD collections.  So this season I decided to listen to French carols instead. (On Spotify)  In fact, right now I am listening to some French guy singing O Holy Night.  Let me tell you, he sounds ten times better than some of the sopranos who attempt this veritable Mt. Everest of hymns.  He is just singing it like a carol, not like a major operatic endeavor.

3.  Although we have a few weeks left of Christmas, it feels GREAT when somebody at a cash register robotically asks, "Are you ready for Christmas?" and I smile sweetly (because I am feeling relaxed and very happily full of the Christmas spirit, I kid you not), and I say, "Oh, we had Christmas on Wednesday!"  And then there is a pause, because the robot at the cash register does not register the information.    

4.  Back to #2:  Now I am listening to La Promenade En Traineau (Sleigh Ride!)  Instead of singing  Giddy-up!  Giddy-up!, they are singing Puddy-up! Puddy-up!

5.  We are having Vietnamese cuisine tonight.  I am cooking it, and the best I can describe it is: Faux Pho.  It smells good... 

6.  I am not quite ready for grandchildren, but this morning I was thinking that if and when I have grandkids, I will be eager to teach them all the funny Christmas songs rolling around in my head, the ones that my sister and I could always join in harmony in less than half a measure's notice.  "I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas" and "Here Comes Suzy Snowflake"...

7.  I am supposed to set up for Coffee Fellowship in the morning at church.  (Coffee: We ARE Lutheran, after all.)  That Spouse o' Mine is to serve communion.  Sounds proper and all church-y.  I foresee a few calls back and forth in the morning: "Are you about ready?!"  Did you the car?" "Where is...?"    

8.  Tuesday sees us Armstrongs heading over to the OTHER Lutheran Church in town to help serve the Community Christmas Dinner.  This is a worthwhile and fun activity, you all.  Although we are traditional in lots and lots of aspects, celebrating holidays on their given days has never been something we have acknowledged.  This, of course, frees us up to do other activities.  We have served Thanksgiving mealsin the past, and a couple of Christmas meals.  It's always jolly fun.

9.  It snowed this week, and so our house looks exactly like the photo on this blog: we have the Advent candles in the windows, and snow on the sills.  I am loving it.

10.  Here's our College Boy Graham and the Bloodhound.
Finally!  Someone who can keep up with the pup!  Or is it vice-versa?

10.  Daughter Gillian comes back home tomorrow after her Sunday stint at the museum, and we will commence a few more days of Christmas.  Yep, that's how we do it!

11.  Back to #2:  Now I am listening to some little French kids sing O Chistmas Tree. (Mon Beau Sapin)  So sweet!  It beats Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

So, Fa La La, and just keep that Christmas Spirit going.  I am thinking that my happy demeanor might help someone, somewhere, who might be struggling this day, this week, this month.

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