Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Musings

We went to a Christmas party last night, Christmas Eve.  It is an annual event for us, to be invited to this family's get-together.  Each year we greet the same folk, and each year we meet new folk who have been added to the mix.  It's always a nice, casual evening that we enjoy.  This year there were, again, new faces to meet - and that's always terrific fun, in my book.  Funny, though: most partiers were in holiday attire - not necessarily formal attire by any means, but, you know: "street-able" attire.  And there is a lady, whom I did not know and did not meet until mid-way through the evening, and she came wearing a funny knit hat that bore ears on it.  Like one a kid (i.e., nursery school) might wear during his ski school lesson.  It was interesting, and then to meet this lady and act as if she might have intelligent repartee to share...

Well, she did and so we did.  but that hat thing was a - what do they say?  -A Holiday Fail.

This morning was 12º outside. Yikes!  And windy, north windy.  Yikes again!

We Armstrongs headed to the Community Dinner at the Lutheran Church and were given our duties.  You know, after years and miles on TWA airplanes doling out coffee and conversation, and then transforming into some Lutheran lady who helps with the funeral luncheons, this Christmas Dinner deal was a piece of cake.  Totally.  So many interesting people. If anyone who reads my blog (would that be 12 people?) ever has an opportunity to help serve a community dinner, then I say : DO IT.  It is not difficult, it is fun, and one can learn a lot about one's community by experiencing it rather than reading the news about it.

OK.  Off the Holiday Soapbox.

Tonight I completed my Big Family Christmas present 2012.  I am all atwitter.  We play Dirty Santa for Big Family in Oklahoma, and we're not talking small potatoes here.  (Well, some of the gifts are simple, but lots of the gifts are really, REALLY fine homemade gifts.)  We should not covet, so we shan't, but I know a few times...

We are a competitive family.

One of the families we served this afternoon brought in an interesting haul of food and a request:  Could we (we, being daughter Gillian) microwave the four tins of canned pasta for their son (pre-teen), and then serve him a plate of corn to go with his eight packs of applesauce.  I looked over to their table and thought to myself: "There is no way that boy will finish all that food."  And yet, at the end of their meal, this kid had slowly and earnestly eaten all of the pre-packed food.  His family enjoyed the Christmas Dinner that was provided by the church, and they brought along the foods that this boy would only eat.  I will not assume to diagnose this boy's dealings, but I did notice that he was happy but did not establish eye contact, nor did he speak to anyone.  Shy or Asperger's, or other...I just know that his family took very good care of him and he seemed to have a happy Christmas.

And now, I am headed into the (late) kitchen to address the lamb chops on the counter.  That Spouse o' Mine said he would attend to them, but then a chess match with College Boy Graham ensued...

Merry Christmas.

~ Tricia

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Louise Plummer said...

Maybe ugly Christmas sweaters are being replaced with ugly Christmas hats. Next year, it will be all the rage.

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