Sunday, December 09, 2012

In the Bleak Midwinter

The wind is howling outside.  Upon arising this morning, I saw the temperature at 44º , and set to drop one or two or three degrees every hour, with wind gusts up to 30 mph - from the north...until tomorrow at 7:00am, when it is forecast to be 13º outside.

This afternoon I attended to the duckhouse (heat lamp and heated water), and attended to the pups (heated water bucket, and fed two hours early.)

So the animals are kept. 

I hear my wind chime - my souvenir from my San Diego jaunt to visit daughter Gillian - bonging in the night.  It has only one tone, a very, very deep BONG.  This is because I live in Kansas.  Wind chimes in Kansas?  Are you KIDDING ME?!  But my San Diego wind chime bongs a subtle, very deep note every-so-often, when that old north wind comes to visit. 

What's good to do tonight?  I am making a vegetarian pizza, and perusing my quilt blogs - two of which make me think I should attend to them in earnest, in 2013.  Kind of like a New year's Resolution, except it would be one part fun (the reading) and one part work (the quilting).  Nevertheless, I am thinking that these two blogs will be part of my 2013:

Civil War Quilts

Orphan Train    

Even if I do not produce, I will have learned.

OK..the wind is still howling, the dough has risen, and I must attend to dinner.

1 comment:

Gill said...

Yeah, my windchime has been on my living room floor on and off for the past week because every time those gusts start up, I feel the need to take it down so the neighbors don't complain.

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