Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Short Stories

Short stories are difficult to write. 

And on occasion, difficult to read - for me, anyway.  My difficulty lies in my need, after reading through the short story, to continue on with the drama written.  I can remember even in grade school when we had those reading exercises which held some exercise where we would read about three paragraphs of a story, and then we were expected to answer reading comprehension questions about the meager paragraphs.  I always found myself already lost in the story after paragraph Number Two, and frustrated that the reading was only ~ three paragraphs long, when I would have much preferred to spend an entire afternoon of reading about said subject.

A few years ago, my family, in its perpetual Competition-On-All-Levels, issued a Short Story Contest over the Christmas holidays.  It was well-received, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  We Reese-Websters have some REALLY fine writers in our midst!

As I think now, though, about writing short stories, I realize how difficult the art/craft/talent/profession is.  Hmmm...  must study up on this thing...

Two-Cents' and opinions are eagerly accepted.

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