Friday, May 25, 2012

Kansas Morning

Antelope Creek Road, 6:30 am

This is what the fields look like this week, with no rain:
The morning jaunt:
 Nose always to the ground...
 And the apr├Ęs-jaunt horse tank:
(You just gotta love this hound dog.)

 Until we moved to The Sunflower State, I did not know that sunflowers will follow the sun's light, from east to west, during the course of the day.  It's pretty impressive to see acres and acres of farmed sunflowers, all facing the sun.

Last year I decided to plant hollyhocks.
Such an old-fashioned flower!
I am enjoying this horticultural venture...

1 comment:

Louise Plummer said...

You have made Kansas so much more than one of the states "in the middle." Love the hollyhocks and thank you for telling us that the moon is a waxing crescent. I think I need a chart.

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